About Prairie Truss & Fabricating

Residential, Agricultural & Commercial Applications 

Prairie Truss & Fabricating builds engineered roof systemsengineered floor systemsstairs, and pallets and crates, for residential, agricultural and commercial applications. We build it all right here in our plant in Annaheim, Saskatchewan, and deliver across the Prairies.

Prairie Truss engineered systems are available at many fine lumber and building material stores, including Stammen Lumber. You can also ask us for the location of a retailer nearest you.

Let us help with layouts and designs. We use computer-based CAD programs to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Put our over 30 years of expertise in the industry to work to support your business or your project. If you are ready to get started on a project and need a quote, drawings or more information, please request a quote or contact us.


  • Deliver your trusses where and when you want them
  • Provide support, schematics and drawings
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Be open and transparent throughout the entire process

- Murray Stammen, Owner

Committed to Building it Right. The First Time!

Let us know how we can be of service to you today.

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Proud member of The Western Wood Truss Association of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario (WWTA-MB/SK/NWO).


The Western Wood Truss Association of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario (WWTA-MB/SK/NWO)

The WWTA logo indicates you are working with a truss fabricator committed to providing quality products. In Saskatchewan, we participate in a quality control program that includes regular in-plant inspections of trusses and annual analysis.